[R] tcltk, tcltk2, Rcmdr, Mac OS X

Monte Milanuk memilanuk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 04:24:33 CET 2009

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
>> Man, I'd forgotten how fugly plain ole X11 was compared to Aqua... ;)
> Do we have a volunteer to get Tcl/Tk Aqua working with R? ;-)
> (Seriously, read Mac OS X FAQ 2.1.7 before even thinking of doing that!)

Oh heavens no! ;)  I was working my way through a Python programming 
book, just starting on the GUI section when I got side-tracked by some 
mention of R ;) 

I wouldn't know where to start with Aqua, etc.

It is just a bit of a shocker seeing a Tk/Tcl window alongside all the 
sleek and smooth Aqua apps. 

If it's waiting on me to gain enough skills to tackle it, the problem is 
going to be waiting a loooooong time ;)

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