[R] Python and R

Esmail Bonakdarian esmail.js at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:33:12 CET 2009

Barry Rowlingson wrote:
>  - and the bulk of the time in the regression calls will be taken up
> by C code in the underlying linear algebra libraries (lapack, blas,
> atlas and friends).

ah, good point.

>  Your best bet for optimisation in this case would be making sure you
> have the best libraries for your architecture. That's a bit beyond me
> at the moment, others here can probably tell you about getting the
> best performing library for your system.
>  This can also speed up Python (scipy or numpy) code that uses the
> same libraries.

thanks for the suggestions Barry, I mostly run on intel machines, but
using two flavors of Linux and also Windows XP - I grab any machine I can to
help run this. R versions range from 2.6.x (Fedora) to 2.8.1 (XP) at the

Another post suggested I look at lm.fit in place of lm to help speed things
up, so I'm going to look at that next.

Appreciate all the helpful posts here.


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