[R] change attributes of all data.frame elements

Jarrod Hadfield j.hadfield at ed.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 10:32:25 CET 2009

Hi Philipp,

# Sorry - perhaps I wasn't being very clear. For example, creating the  
data frame:

df<-data.frame(y=rnorm(100), x=array(1:100))

# gives 2 elements, the last of which has a dim attribute

lapply(df, dim)

# I would like some way of changing the dim attribute to NULL for all  



> I was wondering whether there was an easy way to change the attributes
> of all elements in a data.frame (rather than looping through  
> elements)?
> Specifically, I would like to set the "dim" attributes to NULL

Maybe I just don't really understand what you are after. The elements
of a data.frame are vectors so by definition they only have one
dimension. Furthermore, they are required to be the same length -
otherwise it wouldn't be a proper data.frame, anymore.

So I guess you really want to accomplish something I didn't quite
grasp. Could you give an example?


Dr. Philipp Pagel
Lehrstuhl f?r Genomorientierte Bioinformatik
Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
85350 Freising, Germany

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