[R] [Rd] Semantics of sequences in R

Wacek Kusnierczyk Waclaw.Marcin.Kusnierczyk at idi.ntnu.no
Tue Feb 24 14:25:41 CET 2009

Berwin A Turlach wrote:
> G'day Dimitris,
> On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:19:15 +0100
> Dimitris Rizopoulos <d.rizopoulos at erasmusmc.nl> wrote:
>> in my opinion the point of the whole discussion could be summarized
>> by the question, what is a design flaw? This is totally subjective,
>> and it happens almost everywhere in life. [...]
> Beautifully summarised and I completely agree.  Not surprisingly,
> others don't.

you're obviously imputing an opinion to others;  but since you haven't
specified who those others are, you're most likely correct. 


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