[R] Statistic community?

Peters Gj (PSYCHOLOGY) Gj.Peters at PSYCHOLOGY.unimaas.nl
Wed Feb 25 10:28:46 CET 2009

Hey Antje & list,

>>>> Antje wrote:
> I'm very glad to use the R-help mailing list for R-related question
> more and more often I face general statistical problems. Does anyone
> by chance a community (mailinglist, forum, ...) where I can ask these
> of questions?

I myself have recently started lurking at the Allstat and Stat-L lists.
Stat-L does not seem very active, and my impression of Allstat is that
it's mostly used for distributing information about conferences and
vacancies. In addition, Allstat does not encourage discussion on-list -
their rules ask you to reply to people in person. I myself prefer
on-list discussions, as I frequently learn from these (just by lurking).

So you could also try out these two lists - and if you find anything
else, I would love to hear about them :-)

Kind regards,


Gjalt-Jorn Peters
Work & Social Psychology, faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience,
Maastricht University

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