[R] Using very large matrix

Philipp Pagel p.pagel at wzw.tum.de
Wed Feb 25 12:24:57 CET 2009

> I have to use a very large matrix. Something of the sort of 
> matrix(80000,80000,n) .... where n is something numeric of the sort 0.xxxxxx
> I have not found a way of doing it. I keep getting the error
> Error in matrix(nrow = 80000, ncol = 80000, 0.2) : too many elements specified
> Any suggestions? I have searched the mailing list, but to no avail. 

A 80000x80000 matrix has 6.4 billion cells. If you assume 4 byte
(32bit) for a double precision floating point number that's an
impressive 25.6 Gb. Certainly does not fit into RAM on my machine.


Dr. Philipp Pagel
Lehrstuhl für Genomorientierte Bioinformatik
Technische Universität München
Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
85350 Freising, Germany

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