[R] survival::predict.coxph

Bernhard Reinhardt bernhard.reinhardt at dlr.de
Wed Feb 25 16:56:32 CET 2009


if I got it right then the survival-time we expect for a subject is the 
integral over the specific survival-function of the subject from 0 to t_max.

If I have a trained cox-model and want to make a prediction of the 
survival-time for a new subject I could use
survfit(coxmodel, newdata=newSubject) to estimate a new 
survival-function which I have to integrate thereafter.

Actually I thought predict(coxmodel, newSubject) would do this for me, 
but I´m confused which type I have to declare. If I understand the 
little pieces of documentation right then none of the available types is 
exactly the predicted survival-time.
I think I have to use the mean survival-time of the baseline-function 
times exp(the result of type linear predictor).

Am I right?



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