[R] kmeans: invalid length argument

Lowell Gould lowell.gould at spgenetics.com
Thu Feb 26 14:13:34 CET 2009

Dear R Experts,

I am running a cluter analysis using kmeans and have come across an error to which I am unable to find a solution.  First, let me describe the problem:

# NRM is a 100 x 100 numerical matrix
infile = 't:\\NRM\\NRM'
groups = 7

outfile = 't:\\NRM\\cluster.groups'

print( paste(infile, groups, outfile, sep='  '))

pairs <- read.table(file=infile, header=TRUE, sep='')
names(pairs) <- row.names(pairs)
dist.pairs <- dist(pairs)
clust <- kmeans(dist.pairs, groups)
write.table(clust$cluster, file=outfile, quote=FALSE)

Error in vector("integer", length) : invalid 'length' argument
Calls: kmeans -> do_one -> switch -> integer -> vector Execution halted

I ran this code on a WindowsXP R6.2.6 host and it ran fine with acceptable results.  However, the error ocurrs when I run it on CentOS (redhat 4.1.1-52) R2.7.2.  The following search queries yielded no pertinent results from the web(Google), Google groups, R-help archives (Nabble and Namazu), and R-FAQ:
1. kmeans
2. invalid length argument
3. vector

?vector says that the length argument must be non-negative integer.  But I don't know how to access that call to vector to see what is actually being used as an argument.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.


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