[R] Ordinal Mantel-Haenszel type inference

Jourdan Gold jgold at uoguelph.ca
Fri Feb 27 15:04:10 CET 2009


I am searching for an R-Package that does an exentsion of the Mantel-Haenszel test for ordinal data as described in Liu and Agresti (1996) "A Mantel-Haenszel type inference for cummulative odds ratios". in Biometrics. I see packages such as Epi that perform it for binary data and derives a varaince for it using the Robbins and Breslow variance method. As well as another pacakge that derives it for nominal variables but does not provide a variance or confidence limit. 

Does a package exist that does this? I have searched the list archives and can't seem to see such a package but I could be missing something.  thank you.

yours sincerely,


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