[R] Hmisc: xYplot and panel.lines

David Reitter reitter at cmu.edu
Fri May 1 01:13:17 CEST 2009

On Apr 30, 2009, at 6:49 PM, David Reitter wrote:
> This works as expected for panel.abline, but as soon as I'm using  
> panel.lines (or llines or lpoints) from the "lattice" package  
> (version 0.17-17 with R 2.8.1), it seems that it is not using the  
> coordinate system that the original plot used, i.e. the graph does  
> not work at all.

Disregard my message:  I managed to figure it out.  panel.lines  
insists on x and y rather than y ~ x  or y (x are just discrete steps).

The question that remains is whether it is possible to draw to a panel  
directly using the normal plotting functions in cases where only one  
panel is shown.  The latest version of Hmisc seems to disallow this  
(error: "plot.new has not been called yet"), and with earlier versions  
I had said problems about ablines appearing in the wrong locations.

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