[R] re shape package - use one cast() instead of many

jwg20 jason.gullifer at gmail.com
Tue May 5 22:03:32 CEST 2009

I have a data set that I'm trying to melt and cast in a specific way using
the reshape package. (I'll use the ff_d dataset from reshape so I don't have
to post a toy data set here. )

Lets say I'm looking for the interaction of treatment with each type of
"variable" in ff_d. Using the command below gets me this. Subject will get a
column and each treatment type by each variable will also get a column with
values for each.

cast(ff_d, subject~treatment+variable)
   subject 1_potato 1_buttery 1_grassy 1_rancid 1_painty 2_potato 2_buttery
....  3_painty
1        3       18        18       18       18       18       18        18                    
....   18

Now, if I want to look at just the  the values for each variable by subject
I can run the following command.
cast(ff_d, subject~variable)
   subject potato buttery grassy rancid painty
1        3     54      54     54     54     54

What I'm wondering now, is run one cast() call and get both of these in one
data.frame? Essentially, the values for each separate "condition" and
interactions between them? cast() doesn't let me repeat variable names as
that's what I first tried.  Right now, i'm just running two separate cast()
calls and cbinding/merging them together. Is there a better way?  
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