[R] R readline customization with rl_application_name

Britton Kerin bkerin at fastmail.fm
Wed May 6 03:24:05 CEST 2009

I tried to customize R completion in my .inputrc like this:

    $if RCustomCompletion
      Control-q: "q(save=\"no\")\n"

I looked in the R source to find about RCustomCompletion 

    BUBBA$ grep -r 'rl_readline_name' *
    src/unix/sys-std.c:    rl_readline_name = "RCustomCompletion";

but this poster:


sounds like he found the same information in the docs somewhere.

But it doesn't seem to work.  Setting the exact same binding
globally (i.e. not in an $if) gives the desired result.  Other
applications seem to work about as expected, for example the
following workaround gives the desired result for the programs
I use regularly:

    Control-q: "q(save=\"no\")\n"
    $if Bash
      Control-q: "\C-d"
    $if bc
      Control-q: "\C-d"
    $if perldb
      Control-q: "\C-d"


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