[R] bug with RODBC ?

JP_RENAUD_(DTCB) jean-pierre.renaud-02 at onf.fr
Wed May 6 11:55:54 CEST 2009

Dear R help,

I've attach a dbf file (and my prog. below)  from which I did not 
succeed in
geting the right values for my variable "densite"... using RODBC. 
It returns "10" instead of "100" , without error messages !!!

is it a bug with RODBC ?

I've succeed in geting the right values using the package foreign....

As I'm relatively new with R, I would appreciate to kown if it is my  use
of RODBC that is wrong! (but I could not find where is the mistake...)

Thank you in advance


channel<- odbcConnectDbase("D:/R_work/*.dbf")
a = sqlFetch(channel,"gb_10_100")

 b <- read.dbf(paste("D:/R_work/", "gb_10_100",".dbf",sep=""))

table (a$densite); table(b$densite)

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