[R] RSPerl and Statistics::R

Daniel Klein Daniel.Klein at genesisgenomics.com
Fri May 8 15:28:18 CEST 2009

Taking a quick gander at RServe — interesting. 

I think that some of the magic RSPerl is doing in munging R data types
into Perl constructs is the tricky part of the exercise. While I like
the close binding to R itself that RSPerl uses, going through an
intermediary like RServe might prove easier in that regard. At least,
given the java examples, the casts of the data values are more

It's worth considering; the protocol doesn't look terribly onerous.

Thinking about it... just for giggles... RServe could probably
facilitate a user-space filesystem representation of an R environment
via the FUSE (or MacFUSE) projects. Not that it would useful, but I'm
sure there's a student project in it somewhere :)



>>> Stefan Evert <stefan.evert at uos.de> 07/05/2009 7:27 pm >>>
With all the problems that RSPerl has -- and they're mostly related to 

using R from Perl AFAIK -- I'm wondering if it wouldn't make for  
people like us to develop a Perl client for the Rserve protocol (see

Stefan Evert

[ stefan.evert at uos.de | http://purl.org/stefan.evert ]

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