[R] graph resolution windows (dpi) using x11 device

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Fri May 8 18:33:26 CEST 2009

Marta M. Rufino wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Thank you for the reply.
> Einer:
> I tried to so, but I had an error:
> "Error in system(paste(gsexe, "-help"), intern = TRUE, invisible = TRUE) 
> : gswin32c.exe not found"
> I think would need "|ghostscript|" (in the help file:
> "You will need |ghostscript|: the full path to the executable can be set 
> by the environment variable R_GSCMD. (If this is unset the setting of 
> GSC is used, otherwise command |"gswin32c.exe"|, which will work if it 
> is in your PATH.)"

So why have you not tried to install it as explained in that help page?

> Uwe:
> I did so (the figures I sent were like these). The problem is that they 
> want the A and B fig. together mounted, and both of them are so complex 
> (to start with, one is lattice and the other is multi-panel grid plot) 
> that I cannot mount it in R. I  don't know how to do it with postcript 

See ?par and its argument mfrow.

> (mount two figures in the same page, besides I only have acrobat), 
 > so I
> was using GIMP with Tiff... but, there is the resolution problem :-(

For my book, a publisher asked me to generate a better resolution for my 
  bitmaps which in fact is a screenshot with a given fixed resolution 
from screen. Hence I used a graphics software and just increased 
resolution in terms of file size, not real resolution, since that could 
not be improved.
This did not make sense at all, but they were happy.

> This is not nice at all... As the journals are becoming more and more 
> noisy about this aspects, it would be excelent to sort this out in R, in 
> an easy way...(developers? :-))

Well, in any case you should consider to use the proper devices directly 
rather than copy between devices.

For the tiff() case: tiff has been introduced very recently and I doubt 
you are really going to have a tiff picture consisting of roughly 10e^7 
points i.e. 30 Mb. It's already difficult to submit such a file to the 


> Thank you,
> All the best,
> Marta

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