[R] R and McAfee 8.5

Bernardo Rangel Tura tura at centroin.com.br
Tue May 12 00:50:50 CEST 2009

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 09:54 -0300, Joyce, Warren wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been working with R for the last year and using the UKFSST package to look at satellite tag track data and SST information. Fpr those not familiar, the package uses the positions estimated by the satellite tags themselves and the associated SST data from servers (in this case, from the University of Hawaii and the NOAA Coastwatch website) for the time preiod to estimate a reasonable track the animal took while it was at liberty.  I'm currently having trouble downloading data from two different servers which I never had a problem before I recevied an upgraded computer with McAfee 8.5. When the package goes to the various servers for SST information to download, I continue to get a message in R:
> Into my web browser, I get prompted with a file download window which quickly downloads an empty file. It looks like the data is available, I just can't seem to download it.
> I've deduced that it must be a problem with the new firewall features of McAfee 8.5 and was wondering if anyone else has run into a problem like this. I've tried using the exclusions options in 8.5 to exclude any R files but have come up empty handed. Still waiting on our informatics division to try and solve the problem as well but I thought I might try asking here as well.
> Thanks and I appreciate any assistance!
> Warren N. Joyce 

Hi Joice,

In my opinion you need think about 2 things.

1- This is a problem of McAfee 8.5 not a R problem, so do you contact a
McAfee support for fix this problem ?

2- I presume  you use a windows but i do know your version (XP or Vista
or win 95 etc) neither your R configuration (do you use "R --internet2"
or not?)
Bernardo Rangel Tura, M.D,MPH,Ph.D
National Institute of Cardiology

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