[R] read multiple large files into one dataframe

Simon Pickett simon.pickett at bto.org
Wed May 13 16:37:30 CEST 2009

can you provide reproducible code please?

even a fake example would help.

I would

1) set up a loop to read in each file from a directory
2)  inside the loop chop up/ aggregate the data, each file in turn and spit 
each new aggreagated file out to a directory using write.table(). This will 
reduce the memory needed by only including the info you want. Make sure each 
file is a data frame with the same names.
3) set up a new loop to read in each new small file and rbind them all 
together to make your new "master file".

The R gurus may have a more parsimonious solution.



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> Hello
> Apologies if this is a simple question, I have searched the help and
> have not managed to work out a solution.
> Does anybody know an efficient method for reading many text files of the
> same format into one table/dataframe?
> I have around 90 files that contain continuous data over 3 months but
> that are split into individual days data and I need the whole 3 months
> in one file for analysis.  Each days file contains a large amount of
> data (approx 30MB each) and so I need a memory efficient method to merge
> all of the files into the one dataframe object.  From what I have read I
> will probably want to avoid using for loops etc?  All files are in the
> same directory, none have a header row, and each contain around 180,000
> rows and the same 25 columns/variables.  Any suggested packages/routines
> would be very useful.
> Thanks
> Jennifer
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