[R] Least-square support vector machines regression!

Thomas Terhoeven-Urselmans t.urselmans at cgiar.org
Thu May 14 11:26:23 CEST 2009

Dear R-community,

I was using SVM regression (svm {e1071}) for predictions of single  
soil properties of a huge data set (3000 samples). There are for the  
eps-regression using the radial basis kernel three optimization  
parameters needed.

To make things easier (using only two optimization parameters and not  
loosing performance) I wanted to use LS SVM regression  
(lssvm{kernlab}). But it looks to me that it is not yet implemented.  
At least I got error messages, which I could not find a solution for  
(Error in if (n !_dim(y)[1] stop ("Labels y and data x dont match").

Otherwise I could not find another LSSVM regression implementation in  
R, or is there?



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