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On 14-May-09 11:28:17, Wacek Kusnierczyk wrote:
> Barry Rowlingson wrote:
>>> As a beginner, I agree .... the for loop is much clearer to me.
>>  [Warning: Contains mostly philosophy]
> maybe quasi ;)
>> To me, the world and how I interact with it is procedural. When I want
>> to break six eggs I do 'get six eggs, repeat "break egg" until all
>> eggs broken'. 
> yeah, that's the implementation level.  a typical recipe would not say
> 'for n from 1 to 6, break the nth egg'.  it'd rather say 'break the
> eggs', which is closer to 'apply break to the eggs'.  you do of course
> break the eggs sequentially (or?), but that's below the abstraction
> useful for the recipe purpose.

But it does influence how you organise the subsequent garbage collection.

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