[R] Issue displaying legend for large data

anisha_sinnarkar anisha_sinnarkar at persistent.co.in
Fri May 15 15:40:47 CEST 2009


We are working on R project with the latest version 2.9.0. We are using matplot and barplot functions to draw different graphs. End user may generate graphs for large number of data. Also, each point to be plotted may have large name (around 170 characters). These names (Y axis points) need to be displayed in legend for the graph. However, it is not possible to fit these large names in legend on a R window when large number of points are selected for trending.

We tried setting the font and window size for the graphs using the graphical parameters. However, it did not help for large number of points having long names. Further, we tried using R packages tcltk and tkrplot to display graphs and legend in a Tk widget instead of R window. We are able to display the full description of plotting points on click on the corresponding point style. However, we are not able to save/export this graph(widget) in some format. 

Currently, we are displaying the legend for the points in a separate R window. But, it does not seem to be associated with graphs generated. We need to have the actual graph and legend associated with it on a same window with all the plotted points and point styles. 

Is there any other way to solve this display issue of large number of data used for plotting?

Thanks in advance.

Anisha Sinnarkar

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