[R] newbie: closing unused connection + readline

Aval Sarri aval.sarri at gmail.com
Sat May 16 14:34:49 CEST 2009

I am new to R and trying to read a line from socket connection at a
time but at the end of script I am getting "closing unused connection"
warning. I am not able to understand how to solve this. I want to read
a line from socket and then use read.table/scan on that line but it
looks like I am opening multiple connections instead of just one.  I
think I am doing something wrong or not able to understand correct
method of doing this.

# Create a socket from which to read lines - one at a time (record)
reader.socket <-   socketConnection( host = 'localhost', 5000,
                                     server = TRUE, blocking = TRUE,
                                     open = "r", encoding =
getOption("encoding") );
# now read each record and split/validate it using read.table
repeat {
  # here for each line I am opening new connection! how to avoid it?
  line.raw <- textConnection(readLines( reader.socket, n = 1, ok = TRUE));
  line.raw <- read.table(line.raw, sep=",");

  if ( length(line.raw) <  1)

  print (showConnections());

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