[R] bagged importance estimates in earth problem

Max Kuhn mxkuhn at gmail.com
Mon May 18 20:03:36 CEST 2009

> If you read my message closely,  you'll see I'm indicating that the check
> error "may" explain why  carat 4.15 _is not available in CRAN binaries_.
> Because of this (not having the latest version) I suspect varImp is
> returning the error I detailed.

Ok, but your diagnosis of the issue may have been careless.

> Can you provide information as to why 4.15 is not available? That would be
> useful.

It is available here:


Do you mean a binary for OS X? If so, you can look more closely at the
"caret Results" link:


you'll see it doesn't build because one of the dependencies (proxy)
isn't installed on the test machine. The package homepage listed in
the DESCRIPTION file shows the package building on OS X without any
errors. There is a OS X binary for the latest version there.

I suggest using the OS X disk (or the apple website) to install Xcode
and build packages from source. You're almost always better off
installing packages in that way.

> Also, as far a reproducible example is concerned, I noted that the example
> in bagEarth produces the same error as my original problem (i.e. I can
> reproduce the error on my machine with that code/data which is also
> available to others). Again, a more careful read of my original email would
> have made that clear.

It is not reproducible if it works for me and others.

Sorry for the frustration, but in your original email you didn't
follow the posting guide: email the package author first, provide
information about your system or an example that I can try.

If you dig around a little, I think the issues would be more clear,
especially why there is no OS X binary.


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