[R] Changelog for the survival package

Terry Therneau therneau at mayo.edu
Thu May 21 18:57:20 CEST 2009

>  Several changes in print.survfit, plot.survfit and seemingly in the structure 
> of ratetabels effect some of my syntax files.
> Is there somewhere a documentation of these changes, besides the code itself?

 I agree, the Changelog.09 file is not as comprehensive as one would like.  
Specific comments:

 1. The ratetables were recently changed to accomodate a new option.  I thought 
that I had made them completely backwards compatable with the old -- please let 
me know specifics if I overlooked something.
  The routines that make use of the rate tables can now use multiple date types, 
but they still support the older 'date' class.
  2. My local code and the R code had gotton badly out of sync, I spent a 
substantial fraction of my evenings re-merging them for over a year.  2/3 of the 
changes were disjoint improvments in the two trees, these were easy to merge.  
The hardest were survfit and its print/plot methods and some summary methods, 
where both of us had worked towards the same goal but in not quite the same way. 
  I had made 3x as many updates to survfit as the R tree, so used my (Mayo) code 
as the base, almost all the others stayed closer to the R side.
  Feel free to ask me direct questions about any feature or change.  I can't 
necessarily promise fast resolution, but will try.
  3. I don't understand putting legend or title options into a plot method, 
since a separate call after the plot is so much more flexible.  They got pushed 
to the bottom of my change list, and then completely forgotton. 
  4. In the last few weeks issues with anova.coxph, and 
predict.coxph/factors/newdata were raised.  The fixes were added to Rforge last 
night, and include 2 new test cases to avoid future mishaps.
   Terry T.

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