[R] Cream Text Editor

Jakson Alves de Aquino jaksonaquino at gmail.com
Sun May 24 13:22:39 CEST 2009

JiHO wrote:
> On 2009-May-23  , at 20:16 , Jakson Alves de Aquino wrote:
>> Just a note: there is no need of <Esc> before <F9>. Almost all key
>> bindings work in insert, normal and visual modes.
> Well, without switching to the non-insert mode, I find that pressing F9
> prints the commands in the file instead of executing them. Maybe that's
> specific to Cream.

I installed and tested cream here, and <F9> in insert mode works for me,
but in few minutes I've found other problems. The customization of key
bindings in .vimrc is ignored by cream and omni completion doesn't work
correctly: cream inserts a spurious '.x:call Cream <- redo("i")' in
addition to the correct completion. It seems that cream is unable to
work properly in expert mode. Instead of using cream in expert mode it
might be easier to use gvim. Alternatively, if you prefer to use cream,
it might be easier to copy and paste commands in a regular R session
running directly in a terminal emulator because you will benefit from
R's built-in tab-completion.


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