[R] Beta Testers Wanted for SPSS Statistics Developer

Jon Peck jkpeck at gmail.com
Tue May 26 23:40:45 CEST 2009

Since SPSS version 16 in 2007, we have had a free plug-in that allows
R programs to run within SPSS, getting some or all of the active data
and writing results to the SPSS Viewer as plain text or as SPSS pivot
tables and R charts.  This can require adding as few as two lines of
code to the R program.  With version 17, we added the ability easily
to create SPSS-style dialog boxes.  It is also possible to create
SPSS-style syntax for R programs simply.

With version 18, now called PASW Statistics, we have enhanced the
plug-in, and we are introducing a new product, PASW Statistics
Developer.  This is a low-cost product without any statistics but
including the framework and tools for integrating R and/or Python code
as well as the standard data management and graphics.  It enables the
user to build their own set of statistical functions and smoothly
integrate them into Developer.

The beta test for Developer is starting soon.  We are looking for
people who know R but not necessarily PASW Statistics to test this

If you are interested, please email Aaron Rangel, arangel at spss.com for
details and to sign up.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Jon K Peck
jkpeck at gmail.com
Now blogging at www.spss.com/insideout

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