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Dear Robert,
a different option, just to give you one more choice: you should be able
to keep the standard Xandros and install R if you don't feel like
changing the operating system. You just have to add the standard Debian
repositories. I found it easier to have R, Emacs and LaTeX working on
the standard system first, before experimenting with other distros.

Memorandum, just in case: I've been there a few months ago so I know
where a Windows useR is like to stumble ;^) (if you already know this,
just skip): in Linux you don't download "setup.exe" files and execute
them to install things as you would on Windows: there are different
systems. Programs are supposed to be downloaded from standard
repositories over the Internet and installed by special software, which
may vary across Linux distributions. 

Xandros is Debian-like and the wonderful packaging system of Debian (and
Ubuntu, and Mepis...) works there as well, resolving all package
dependencies for you. There are three tools available, two command-line
driven (apt-get and aptitude) and a graphical one (Synaptic). All three
do the same job. These tools already have predefined repositories, which
you may alter. 

The Xandros repositories only have old versions of R if at all, so you'd
better add the Debian ones (but be careful to either 1) disable them
afterwards or better 2) to 'pin' them (=assign them different
priorities), else you could damage your system by downloading other
Debian packages instead of the Xandros ones in cases when this does
*not* work). R from the Debian repos. works fine on Xandros but some
other programs might screw your system up.

So all you have to do is just open up a terminal window (CTRL+ALT+T) and

sudo apt-get install <yoursoftware>

('sudo' you need to act as administrator)
In particular, quoting from the R-Wiki, "if you just want to be 
able to run R, you can get r-base-core and all the recommended packages 
by doing: 

sudo apt-get install r-base 

If you want to be able to build and install R packages (including those 
from CRAN), you can get all the common header files, as well as 
r-base-core by doing: 

sudo apt-get install r-base-dev 

If you want to be able to build R from its source code, you can get 
build dependencies for R (e.g., compilers, header files) by doing: 

sudo apt-get build-dep r-base"

Of course you can download the same packages with Synaptic (but start it
as 'sudo Synaptic', for the above reasons! else you don't have rights to
install anything).

You can find much more detailed step by step instructions from some
other people put together in this old post of mine:

The same principles apply, e.g., for LaTeX and Emacs if you need them.
Have fun!

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Hi Robert,

I had the exact same problem on my eeepc 900. I replaced the 
xandros-like linux in this way:

- Download an Ubuntu iso file (I use 8.04, Kubuntu)
- Put the .iso file on a usb stick (use unetbootin)
- Install the ubuntu version
- Install the eeepc specific stuff from http://array.org/ubuntu/ (this 
is a repository with an eeepc kernel available and other stuff, the site

provides a lot of info on how to install the eeepc specific things)

Now you have a "normal" linux distro (ubuntu) and you can use the normal

cran repositories (debian) to install R.

This worked very well for me, it was quite easy to get ubuntu running. I

know that this isn't an exact answer to your question, but I found that 
re installing linux was the best option.

cheers and hth,

Robert Kinley wrote:
> hi
> I've used R for many years on windows machines, but
> have now acquired an Asus eee 1000 linux machine.
> In order to get the best out of the machine, I used the
> 'pimpmyeee.sh' script, to get the full KDE desktop.
> The version of Linux is Xandros, which I believe is
> a close relative of Debian, but sadly I have only a
> nodding acquaintance with Linux at present.
> Naturally I want to have the current version of R on it,
> and I understand (or possibly misunderstand) that the
> binary for the Debian flavour of Linux should do the trick.
> I have tried -
> 1. using synaptic to add the appropriate (I think) CRAN 
>     repository  ... but every combination I have tried
>     gives a 404 error
> 2. downloading from CRAN what I think is a zipped-up version of 
>     r-base software, and thewn using the eee's file-manager 
>     'install DEB package' option ... but this returns 'cannot load ...

> '.
> I'm a bit stuck ... can anyone help please ?
>         thanks          Bob Kinley
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