[R] R Books listing on R-Project

G. Jay Kerns gkerns at ysu.edu
Thu May 28 07:35:56 CEST 2009

> Jay: why not post your R-books how to on the wiki itself???

Because I thought that it would be better to write the instructions in
R-wiki language that anybody could modify rather than post a PDF by

Here is what I had in mind:


Also, I put the books from the main page in the above format:


>  I wrote some R code to wikify the R-books list from the
> R web site -- it won't deal with LaTeX code in the abstract,
> but otherwise should convert automatically.

Excellent.... a person could use what you have written to simply
copy/paste into the wiki in the appropriate place(s).

One of the advantages of the R wiki is the ease with which books may
be categorized - which goes back to Stavros' OP.   At the time, I went
to Springer or CRC somewhere and found the below categories.  Judging
from the flyers that fill my office mailbox, I believe that all of
them are currently covered by *some* book related to R.

If it were the author's responsibility to put their book in the proper
category or categories, and given that authors are typically of a mind
to sell books... then perhaps the R wiki would populate and maintain


Bayesian Statistics
Computational Statistics
Environmental Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Probability Theory & Applications
Programming in R and S
Reference Statistics & Collected Works
SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Statistical Theory & Methods
Statistics for Biological Sciences
Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law

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