[R] Urgent Statistician Position near Philadelphia

José Ignacio Bustos Melo jbustosm at udec.cl
Thu May 28 16:00:32 CEST 2009

Dear R-list,

I know is going to be weird, but I need to do something about and I know
the R-list is big group of good people. I’m moving to Philadelphia in
August 2009 (my fiancé is there) and I need to find a job. I know to do so
many things, but my skill is in science and research. I would like to know
if you know a possible position near Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York.

I was working in so many projects, doing statistical analysis, research in
parasitology, cancer research and public health in dentistry problems.  I
would love to work doing cancer research or public health. I was working
with cancer epidemiology using survival analysis and modeling.

I know how work and programing with many softwares, R, SAS, S-plus,
MathLab. I know too Statistica y SPSS in any version.

You are free to give advice to me. I’m applying in so many web pages, but
does not work. I don’t have any problem with visa to be in USA, just I
need some help.

I will send you my resume if you ask me

Best Regards,

   O__  ---- José Bustos M.
  c/ /'_ --- Master in Applied Statistics (University of Concepcion)
 (*) \(*) -- B.S. in Marine Biology (Catholic University of Concepcion)
-------------Science Faculty
-------------Catholic University of Concepcion
-------------Alonso de Ribera 2850 – Concepción, Casilla 297
-------------Cell phone: +56 9 9 5939144

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