[R] mvbutils and trackObjs

Day, Roger S day01 at pitt.edu
Tue Jun 1 05:56:39 CEST 2010

Hello Colleagues,

I've recently become a fan of Mark Bravington's mvbutils package for organizing analysis projects in a tree.
Using cd(), Save(), fixr(), mlazy()   etcetera  solves nicely some of the nuisances that have worried or annoyed me and sometimes caused
big problems over the years.  Well thought out.

Now one feature that would be fabulous would be automatic time-stamping of objects.
The trackObjs package from provides this, among other services.

The question is, can the two packages work together peacefully?

One curiosity: they have opposite ideas of the word "cache".
In mvbutils, a cached object is one that is stored on disk, only retrieved into memory when needed.
In trackObjs, a cached object is one that is stored in memory as well as on disk.
More than a curiosity, also potentially a bad sign for compatibility between the two packages.

Anyone have experience with the two together, and care to share it?

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