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Charles C. Berry cberry at tajo.ucsd.edu
Tue Jun 1 22:59:39 CEST 2010

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, marcos carvajalino wrote:

> Hello list helpers,
> I'm working at a research institute and I've been asked to develop a way of
> using R as a scripting and analysis tool which takes information from users
> via web forms, perform a query to an Oracle Database running on a Linux
> server and finally return formatted reports to the user via web. I'm sort of
> a newbie in web forms and web services so i've been reading about ROracle,
> RWeb and CGIwithR with little or no results so far, I need to know which is
> the easiest way of merging R with web services to solve my problem and if
> theres a manual or book that explains this kind of R use.
> Could someone enlighten me?

Seen this?




> Many thanks in advance and sorry for the typos...
> -- 
> Marcos Antonio Carvajalino Fernández
> Ingeniero Ambiental y Sanitario
> Santa Marta, Colombia
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