[R] Issues with Bar Graph

beloitstudent schurrk at beloit.edu
Thu Jun 10 08:07:27 CEST 2010

Hello all!  

I am relatively new at R and was having a few issues with the following

barplot(c(5724.688,7290.7875), ylab=expression(paste(Delta, "AUC 45-200 min
(μg/ml * 155 min)")), xlim=c(0,2), width=0.5,
border="black",font.lab=2,cex.lab=1.7, names.arg=c("Saline (n=8)", "Exendin
(9-39) (n=8)"), axisnames=TRUE, cex.names=1.7, ylim=c(0,9000),
col=c('grey88','grey71'), axes=FALSE)

axis(2, at=c("0", "2000", "4000", "6000", "8000","10000"), lwd=2, font=2,

abline(h=0, untf=FALSE, lty=1, lwd=2)

arrows(.935, 8297.291, .935, 6284.284, code=3, angle=90, lwd=2)
arrows(.35,7071.79,.35,4377.585, code=3, angle=90, lwd=2)

I am having a few problems with this.  1)  My y label seems to be getting
cut off by the edge of my graphing area.  I have tried adjusting the "mar"
and "omi" but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  2)  I can't seem to
get the strwrap text wrapping command to work.  I want to wrap both my
names.arg and my y label.  Is this possible?  Any help or advise would be
greatly appreciated.  
Thanks in advance!

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