[R] 3D ncdf file

ecvetano at uwaterloo.ca ecvetano at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jun 14 22:30:32 CEST 2010


I have an ncdf file with different variables for dimensions and dates  
where the dimensions are as follows, where X=i and Y=j creating a 88  
by 188 set of cells. For each cell there are 12 readings for DO taken  
at 2 hour intervals and recoded by according to the Julian calendar  
under the ordinal dates variable.

DO: [2280x188x85]
DX: [188x85]
DY: [188x85]
X: [85x1]
Y: [188x1]
Ordinal_Dates: [2280x1]
T: [2280x1]

So far, I have set up each variable as follows, and I don?t know how  
to work with the 3D DO variable which contains 12 daily values per day

setwd ("C:/Documents and Settings/Desktop/R")
profile1 <- open.ncdf("2005r1_v3_Ct=500_lerie_out_bot.nc", header=FALSE)

name1<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "DO")
name2<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "DX")
name3<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "DY")
name4<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "X")
name5<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "Y")
name6<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "Ordinal_Dates")
name7<-get.var.ncdf( profile1, "T")

I want to set a threshold, and calculate how many days have an average  
of DO greater then my threshold, and also what the daily averages of  
DO are

Any help is appreciated!

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