[R] output from the gbm package

Ridgeway, Greg gregr at rand.org
Wed Jun 16 05:30:56 CEST 2010

Use predict(my.gbm,type="response")

If you use bag.fraction=1.0 then all observations are guaranteed to be
used. For other choices, and assuming that you are doing a reasonable
number of iterations, like 1000, then there is only a negligible chance
that an observation won't be selected.

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Subject: output from the gbm package

HI, Dear Greg and R community,

I have one question about the output of gbm package. the output of
Boosting should be f(x), from it , how to calculate the probability for
each observations in data set?

SInce it is stochastic, how can guarantee that each observation in
training data are selected at least once? IF SOME obs are not selected,
how to calculate the training error?



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