[R] an alternative to R for nonlinear stat models

benedikt.gehr at ieu.uzh.ch benedikt.gehr at ieu.uzh.ch
Wed Jun 16 07:35:05 CEST 2010

   I implemented the age-structure model in Gove et al (2002) in R, which is a
   nonlinear statistical model. However running the model in R was very slow.
   So Dave Fournier suggested to use the AD Model Builder Software package and
   helped me implement the model there.
   ADMB was incredibly fast in running the model:
   While running the model in R took 5-10 minutes, depending on the settings,
   in ADMB it took 1-2 seconds!
   I'm reporting this so that people who have performance issues with nonlinear
   statistical models in R will know that there is a good free alternative for
   more difficult problems.
   There  is also a help platfrom equivalent to the one for R, and people
   running it are extremley helpful.
   I hope this might help someone

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