[R] Mean variance plot of a data frame

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Wed Jun 16 17:25:16 CEST 2010


I have a data frame that looks like

Position, Relevance
0, 0.151531117072265
0, 0.245532564696541
0, 0.285207130323724
0, 0.302718099889669
0, 0.308213700400889
0, 0.341562706518953
0.0151515151515152, 0.368991215730364
0.0263157894736842, 0.256406702156839
0.0263157894736842, 0.344003157058329
0.0303030303030303, 0.200307950418176
0.0303030303030303, 0.558093143666938
0.04, 0.363786583569412
0.04, 0.462668853163967

and I'd like to have a plot like http://www.statmethods.net/stats/images/meanplot.jpg Position shall be plotted to the x-axis and Relevance to y-axis. Foreach value that occurs in the column Position the of all corresponding values in the second column and their variance shall be plotted. Furthermore all means shall be connected by a curve.

I have no idea how to realize that. Can you help me to do this? What kind of plotting command do I have to use?

Best regards
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