[R] Optimization problem

José E. Lozano lozalojo at jcyl.es
Fri Jun 18 10:21:22 CEST 2010

> I don't see why one would want to pretend that the function is continuous.
It isn't.
> The x variable devices is discrete.
> Moreover, the whole solution space is small: the possible solutions are
integers in the range of maybe 20-30.

Yes, you are right, what I'd like to think is that the outcome is a
discretization of a continous variable. How could it be? Dont know... forget
we are talking about phisical devices, would it be posible/rational to speak
of "half a device"?

Anyway, I have to test different approaches to find a convenient solution, I
must admit that I like the idea of using a fixed criteria of a percentage %
as you suggested, but it needs some research to see if it is possible to
find a common criterion to all my dataset, or at least if the criterium can
be based upon the number of devices, as I tried the last time I thought on


Jose Lozano

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