[R] Warped Text in mtext in a Quartz-Window

Bernhard Pollner bernhard at bpollner.net
Tue Jun 22 04:28:41 CEST 2010


With one procedure, I get a strangely warped text in the mtext-area of a quartz-window, while with an other the text comes out OK - see attached PDF.
(Number of Trials is the x-Axis label, which always comes out OK)
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The two procedures differ in the statistics they perform and in the graphics they draw, but the writing of the (different) text in the bottom are of the quartz-window is the same function for both procedures. Only that one time the text comes out correct, the other time it is warped.

The mtext is defined as follows:
mtext(TheTextVariable, side=1, outer=TRUE, adj=0.5, line=0.5, col=TheColor)

R Version 2.11.1 (2010-05-31), OSX 10.6.4

Can someone give me a hint what could cause this unexpected behaviour?

Thanks a lot,
kind regards,
Bernhard Pollner

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