[R] Labels for matplot x axis

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Tue Jun 22 13:48:41 CEST 2010

On 06/22/2010 08:05 PM, Nick Torenvliet wrote:
> Hi all, I've been messing with this for a while now..
> myStudy is a matrix of word frequency to date of document/document.
> As you can see I'm trying to plot the series in the matrix.
> I'd like three things --
> 1- In the plot that gets created the first series is a solid line, the rest
> are dashed... how do I make them either one or the other.


> 2- The legend that comes up has filled boxes with colour as legend keys,
>   I'd like to show coloured lines for legend keys instead.

specify col=("blue","red","green"),lty=1 instead of fill()

> 3- The x axis of the plot come up labelled 0-80 with major intervals of
> twenty, I'd like to see (@45 degrees) the axis labelled with the rownames
> of myStudy, and I'd like to be able to control the interval at which these
> major ticks are displayed.

try staxlab(1,at=1:95,labels=rownames(myStudy),srt=45,cex=0.5) but you 
will want to stretch the plot out horizontally and adjust the "cex" 
argument to get the best readability.


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