[R] Analyzing large transition matrix

Bill Harris bill_harris at facilitatedsystems.com
Wed Jun 23 15:30:50 CEST 2010

Let's say you have a dataframe of car trade-ins.  For example, each row

oldcar   newcar   qty

and a typical entry could be

lexus   bmw    1

I put the qty column to allow for fleet purchases, where one purchase
may convert multiple cars at once.

I'd like to show what's going on.  I could do a histogram of newcar to
show the frequency each type of car is bought.  If there are 5-10 car
types, that works.  If there are 50-100 or more, the legend gets

I could also do a histogram of oldcar to see what people gave up, but
that's less interesting.

I'm considering a correlogram using the corrgram package, but a heat map
might work, too.  Any tips on making the legends useful in any of this?
Any better approaches to try?

I tried table() and prop.table() to see if I could get transition
probabilities as if this were a Markov chain, but dim() comes out 108
78, which is still too big to print or visualize.



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