[R] Dimnames of array inside loop

M.Ribeiro mresendeufv at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jun 23 17:17:52 CEST 2010

any clue??

hello R-helpers,

I have an array

acuracia <- array(NA, dim = c(1, 1, A, B, C))

which is first defined and in the example above with dimensions 1x1xAxBxC.
My array is then filled using 3 loops (I am not well familiar yet with
lapply or sapply functions so I am still a loop-user):

for (i in 1:A){
for (j in 1:B){
for (k in 1:C){
acuracia[,,i,j,k] <- correlacao / (sqrt(ac))

then I want to put names using dimnames but filling the names each at a time
after each iteration:

My first idea was to try

acuracia <- array(NA, dim = c(1, 1, A,B,C),dimnames = list("acc",NULL,
paste("rep.", i, sep = " "), paste("variable: ", j), paste("mark.val = ",

but it did not work.
Can anybody help?
Thank you very much 
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