[R] Zoo series to a date time stamp that is regular

stephen sefick ssefick at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 22:42:25 CEST 2010

NOTE: I will provide data if necessary, but I didn't want clutter
everyones mailbox

I have a time series with level and temperature data for 11 sites for
each of three bases.  I will have to do this more than once is what I
am saying here.  OK,  The time series are zoo objects with index
values in chron format.  The problem is that the date and times should
be at even 15 min intervals, but because of operator error (me) they
are on 15 min intervals for some of the data and on 15+1 min intervals
for some and 15+1.56 for some of the same site.  I would like to
create a regular 15min time series from this and need to know if I can
just create an empty time series with the entire date time I would
like and then aggregate.  I am not sure how merge or aggregate would
act in this particular situation.  I want to "snap" readings to the
nearest 15min interval.
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