[R] How to rbind listed data frames?

Phil Wieland phwiel at gmx.de
Tue May 4 09:51:27 CEST 2010

I made a list (dataList) of data frames. The list looks like this (the  
first two elements):

     est         cond                           targets
1   400 exo_depth_65                        Hautklinik
2   300 exo_depth_65                       Ostturm_UKM
3   200 exo_depth_65 Kreuzung_Roxeler/Albert_Schweizer

     est    cond                           targets
1   400 control                        Hautklinik
2   220 control                       Ostturm_UKM
3   300 control Kreuzung_Roxeler/Albert_Schweizer

Now I would like to merge the data frames with rbind. It works fine  
this way:

rbind(dataList[[1]], dataList[[2]], ...)

but I would like to use lapply or a for loop to get rid of specifying  
the subscripts. The output of lapply(dataList, rbind) is always

      [,1]   [,2]
[1,] List,3 List,3

Thanks for help...

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