[R] Using R with screenreading software

Rainer Scheuchenpflug scheuchenpflug at psychologie.uni-wuerzburg.de
Tue May 4 15:41:41 CEST 2010

Dear R-Experts,

a student of mine tries to use the Windows-Rconsole with screen reading
software (she is blind), and cannot access the command line (Menus are ok).
The company which produces her screen reader tells her that this is due to
the cursor used in Rconsole, which is static, not blinking. They maintain
that if the cursor could be changed to a blinking one, she should be able to
access the command line and outputs.

For my last exam she used R in a Dosbox as workaround, but encountered other
problems, esp. with scrolling. So: Is it possible to change the cursor
type/behavior in R-Console? 
She uses R 2.8.1, Windows 2000, and screenreader Virgo 4.6 from Baum Retec,
if that is any help.

Your assistance with this problem and any other tips for teaching R to blind
users will be much appreciated, 
Rainer Scheuchenpflug

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