[R] horizontal spacing between components in a key/legend (bwplot)

Heather Cole heather.cole at wsl.ch
Thu May 6 13:51:27 CEST 2010

I have been successfull generating the key I want for my bwplot, 
EXCEPT finding a way to put a space between ROWS of the entries in the key.

I am using rectangles, and would like a space between them 
(horizontally). The 'padding.text' increases the horizontal space 
between the text component of the entry, but not the rectangle 
symbols, (they simply lengthen to fill the space) is it possible to 
separate them?

        key = list(x=0.9,y=0.9, padding.text=6, text = 
list(c("ALP","PLA"), cex=1),
             rectangles=list(col=c("gray99","gray48"), size=2))



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