[R] Pseudo R square

rbasterr at alumni.unav.es rbasterr at alumni.unav.es
Fri May 7 12:16:45 CEST 2010

I am a student and I am starting to use R. I have a question regardint  
the Data mining - rattle package.

Once I create a decission tree (predictive) I want to evaluate it.  
Under the "evaluate" option I can choose between:

"Pr v Ob": I do not know how to interpret the Pseudo R square value  
obtained (0.7) because I do not know which measure or definition of  
pseudo R -square the program uses and therefore the bounds of the  
value that can be obtained. can anyone hekp me, please?

"Risk": Similar question but for the adjustment value and the graph obtained.

Thank you very much

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