[R] Find the three best values in every row

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> set.seed(17*11)

> d<-data.frame(africa=sample(50, 10), 

> 		europe= sample(50, 10),

> 		n.america= sample(50, 10),

> 		s.america= sample(50, 10),

> 		antarctica= sample((1:50)/20, 10)

> 		)


>#Get three top from each row

>t(apply(d,1,function(x,n) x[which(rank(x)> length(x)-n)], n=3))


>#Get them with names

>get.n<- function(x, names, n)	{

>	rmin<- 

>	rv<-x[w<-which(rank(x)> length(x)-n)]

>	names(rv)<-names[w]

>	return(as.data.frame(rv))



>apply(d,1,get.n, n=3, names=names(d))




>>>> Alfred Schulze [ 05/07/10 2:43 PM >>>


>   Hello,


>   i have a dataframe with the GDP for different Country (in the

>columns) and

>   Years (in the rows).


>   Now i want for every year the best three values, if possible with

>name of

>   the countries (columnnames).


>   For the best it's no problem but for the other two values.


>   Thanks,


>   Alfred


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Thanks, that's what I need.

But I have some NA's in the data and 

t(apply(data.frame,1,function(x,n) x[which(rank(x)> length(x)-n)], n=3, na.rm=TRUE))

isn't working. 

And I have a further question. How I get the value also sorted descending?


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