[R] Plotting log-axis with the exponential base to a plot with the default logarithm base 10

Elisabeth Bjerke Rastad ebr024 at post.uit.no
Sun May 9 20:05:51 CEST 2010


I have a problem which I have tried to solve for several days now..

I have plottet a lineplot.CI in the library "sciplot", and I am trying to
plot it with a logaritmic y-axis (with exponential base).

The problem is that; when I type "log "y"", the axis transforms into the
logaritmic of base 10.

I wonder if someeone could tell me how to specify that I would like to use
the exponential logaritmic y-axis. I have tried a lot (but obviously not
all, I guess this problem is possible to solve..)

Hope you would like to help me! Thank you a lot in advance!!


Elisabeth B. Råstad
(Master's student, Norway)

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