[R] Regressions with fixed-effect in R

Millo Giovanni Giovanni_Millo at Generali.com
Wed May 12 17:43:21 CEST 2010

Dear Liviu,

we're still working on measures of fit for panels. If I get you right,
what you mean is the R^2 of the demeaned, or "within", regression. A
quick and dirty function to do this is:

pmodel.response<-plm:::pmodel.response.plm # needs this to make the
method accessible

r2<-function(x, adj=TRUE) {
  ## fetch response and residuals
  y <- pmodel.response(x, model="within")
  myres <- resid(x)
  n <- length(myres)

  if(adj) {
    adjssr <- x$df.residual
    adjtss <- n-1
    } else {
    adjssr <- 1
    adjtss <- 1

  ssr <- sum(myres^2)/adjssr
  tss <- sum(y^2)/adjtss

and then

> r2(yourmodel)

Hope this helps


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Dear Daniel

On 5/11/10, Daniel Malter <daniel at umd.edu> wrote:
>  R-squared of interest is typically the within R-squared, not the
overall or
Could you point to an example on how to compute the within R-squared
in R, either via lm() or plm()?
Thank you


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