[R] a question about "latex" in Hmisc and .dvi file

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Thu May 13 19:14:59 CEST 2010

> Notice that I didn't quite get my function into the Hmisc environment
> and that is why you need the awkward phrase
>     show.dvi(dvi(x.tex <- latex(x)))
> instead of the smooth phrase
>     latex(x)

Somehow with my own data and not using the awkward bit, it worked on my 
Linux machine?  At least I thought it did, since I believe show.dvi is 
an exported function, can't you just overwrite it in your global 
environment and anything that calls it will use your copy?  I'll have to 
  look into how I got your code working on my system, because I know I 
didn't use that trick!


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