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My understanding is that only a minor change is needed in ff's C++ layer in order to remove the 64bit compiler warnings/errors. 
The C++ layer is maintained by Daniel Adler, who can give you an outlook if/when he plans to attack this. 

Until a 64bit version of ff is available, you might consider using the 32bit win version of R and ff on a 64bit win machine: while 32bit R itself has limited memory access, ff can handle larger objects faster because it benefits from *all* RAM via filesystem-caching. 


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Betreff: ff for 64-bit windows and 64-bit R

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I am running R on a 64 bit PC, 64 bit Windows 7, and 64 bit R.  I have to handle rather large data sets, and I need the 64 bit environment to run some of my analyses.  Use of ff has been recommended to me to help with some of the memory problems, but I am told that ff has not yet been ported to a 64-bit Windows environment.  I have access, of course, to the native code, but I am not the world’s best compiler operator.  Do you have any plans to port ff to a 64-bit Windows and R environment?  Is there anything that I can do to encourage this?  I would be happy to make a contribution to the “ff project” if such a thing exists.
Let me know your plans.
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